Electronic follow-up of Customs’ authorisation processing to be introduced

As of 3 June 2013, Customs’ authorisation customers can keep track of the processing of their authorisation applications through a new electronic transaction channel, as Customs introduces the Customs Authorisations service.
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Businesses and private persons can submit declarations to Customs electronically. Web services are suitable for customers with occasional declarations.

Do it online
AREX (entry and exit summary declarations)

EMCS (movements under duty suspension)

Web Export (export declarations)

Web Transit (transit declarations)

Web Veivi (Create an excise declaration and submit it to Customs (available only in Finnish and Swedish))
Declaration of use of a vehicle (You may provide electronically the declaration of use of a vehicle to be registered in Finland.)

Customs forms

>> Customs forms in English (pdf)

Regular customers can submit their declarations directly from their own information systems. Customers can send EDIFACT and XML messages from their own systems.

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30.05.2014  Customs renews its certificate for direct message exchange on Wednesday 4 June 2014 at 4 p.m. »
23.05.2014  Information for web declarants on changes to Customs systems due to be committed on 7.6.2014 »
23.05.2014  Information for message declarants on changes to Customs systems due to be committed on 7.6.2014 »
19.05.2014  Direct message exchange will be introduced in import and transit in autumn 2014 »
19.05.2014  New application form for message exchange has been published »
15.11.2013  Information for web declarants on changes to Customs user interfaces »
15.11.2013  Information for Message Declarants on Changes in the Customs Systems »