AREX summary declaration system

The AREX project is a part of the development work targeted at the EU Customs Code reform in Finland. The objective of the project is to define, realize and implement a new data system AREX, which meets the requirements of the partial amendment to the Customs Code (so-called security amendment), to process declarations for goods entering or leaving the country. The name of the
project comes from the terms "Arrival" and "Exit" used in the Community.

Declarations will be entered into the application under development for third country goods and Community goods arriving in Finland, as well as for Community goods leaving Finland and third country goods to be reloaded, so-called transhipment goods.3 The customs declaration data entered into the application will be used as a basis for electronic risk analysis. The application's connections are used to ensure that goods have been presented to Customs prior to assigning them to a customsapproved treatment or use, and also to ensure that the goods can be brought into or out of the territory of the Community. Regarding export, the information on the physical exit of goods will be transmitted to the export system.

The computer system also exchanges messages with the computer systems of other Member States.

Upon the implementation of the AREX system, the operations models related to the summary declaration procedure will be harmonised as regards modes of transport regardless of whether the goods arrive from outside the Community or from the Community. The implementation of the application will increase the efficiency of Customs' operations and improve the quality of customs performance.

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