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Finnish Customs
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Tel. +358 (0)295 5200 (switchboard),
Monday to Friday 8 - 16.15
Telefax +358 (0)20 492 2852
E-mail: kirjaamo(at) (to the registry) or name.surname(at)

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Customs clearance of arriving goods begins by submitting an AREX declaration

An electronic entry summary declaration or summary declaration for temporary storage must be submitted to the AREX system for all goods entering Finland, except goods in transit.

The AREX system was introduced in stages beginning in December 2009. The transitional periods for arriving goods ended in July 2011, when 103 369 declarations in total were processed by the system.

Further information on AREX declarations. >> AREX - System for processing declarations at the entry and exit of goods (pdf)


Customer bulletin for transportation and warehousing  1/2014:
Movement of goods in transportations between Finland and Russia as TIR procedure ends as of 1 July 2014 (pdf)


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