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Credit customers are granted a term of payment

Registered credit customers are granted a term of payment in accordance with the Community Customs Code. Credit customers are not required to pay customs duties, taxes or other payments collected for goods before getting possession of their goods.

The registered credit customer status should be considered in terms of both the company (business ID) and its places of business (T continuation sheets). >> Read more


Customer bulletin for transportation and warehousing  1/2014:
Movement of goods in transportations between Finland and Russia as TIR procedure ends as of 1 July 2014 (pdf)

Transit customer bulletin 19/2014:
Cancellation and invalidation of transit of 14 October 2014 (pdf)

Transit customer bulletin 18/2014:
Individual guarantee with multiple usage of 17 November 2014 (pdf)

Import customer bulletin 32/2014:
Goods imported for research, analysis or test use of 14 November 2014 (pdf)

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