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Customs Museum in Suomenlinna

The Customs Museum is located on Susisaari Island in Suomenlinna, in the Hamilton-Polheim Curtain building (Suomenlinna B 20 D). The museum houses a permanent exhibition on the history of Finnish Customs and a changing exhibition on a specific theme.

The new exhibition at the Customs Museum entitled ”The Most Hated Tax? Customs and the Import of Cars” explores the history of the customs clearance and taxation of cars starting from the first ever car imported to Finland. In the early 1900s, the import taxation of cars became very complicated, and it has remained that way through the decades. In 1958, a special tax for cars was introduced, a tax which Finnish Customs levied upon import. Since then, the levying of the much-disputed car tax has been one of Customs’ tasks. In 2017, the car taxation will be transferred from Finnish Customs to the Finnish Tax Administration.

Free entrance.

Open: The Customs Museum is open from 17 May to 31 August, Tue–Sun 12.30 pm to 5.30 pm.
Contact information: e-mail: tullimuseo(at), tel. +358 40 332 2774 or +358 40 332 6979
Map: Location in Susisaari Island in Suomenlinna
Video: How to get to the Customs Museum

During winter, the Customs Museum is open by advance appointment only.
The Customs Museum is a popular destination for example for school groups.

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