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No. 8, Importation of Personal and Household Effects and Private Motor Vehicles as Removal Goods into Finland
April 2012
008_en pdf-File 330 Kb
No. 10, Customs and Tax Treatment of Gifts received from outside Finland
July 2015, replaces bulletin January 2013
010 pdf-File 352 Kb
Customs Instructions for Passengers 2014
July 2014 Please note the tobacco import restrictions and prohibitions that entered into force on 15 August 2016. See Private Customers>Travel/Relocation>Tobacco
Customs_Instructions_for_Passengers_2014 pdf-File 150 Kb
Instructions for people arriving in Finland by private pleasure craft registered outside the customs and fiscal territory of the EU
May 2015
Customs_Instructions_private_craft_12 pdf-File 293 Kb
Private pleasure craft registered in a territory included in the customs territory of the EU but not in the VAT territory of the EU
May 2015
Customs_Instructions_private_craft_VAT_12 pdf-File 253 Kb
Goods imported to Finland from outside the EU customs territory for international sports events
ITU Customer Bulletin 7/2012, version 1.0, 24.7.2012
goods_imported_to_Finland_outside_EU pdf-File 133 Kb
Import and Export Restrictions for Travellers (Objects of cultural value)
May 2005
import_and_export pdf-File 27 Kb
Import Restrictions for Passengers 2013
July 2013
import_restrictions_2013 pdf-File 249 Kb
Import Restrictions for Passengers 2013 (Printable A4-size)
July 2013
import_restrictions_2013_en_A4 pdf-File 168 Kb

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