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Data on the trade between Finland and other EU countries is collected from statistical declarations submitted by companies. This procedure is referred to as the Intrastat system. Statistical declarations on internal trade (Intrastat) can also be submitted electronically on the Internet by using the TYVI service brochure provided by Itella Information Oy.

More detailed information on the application of the Intrastat system can be found in the Intrastat guide below.

Enquiry about Intrastat-declarations in November 2014  >>

Intrastat 2014

Title / description File
Intrastat Guide 2014 01_EN2014 pdf-File 452 Kb
Covering letter to EU internal trade information providers 2014 02_saatekirje_2014_en pdf-File 31 Kb
The due dates for submitting statistical declarations in 2014 03_duedates14 html-File 5 Kb
Correlation table between the CN versions of 2013 and 2014 04_CNKORR1314EN MS Excel-File 34 Kb
CN subheadings 2014 and supplementary units 05_CN_supplementaryunit_2014 MS Excel-File 600 Kb

Electronic Data Submission

Title / description File
Electronic declaration methods for intra-EU trade
Updated 10.10.2014
01_009_2014_en2 pdf-File 125 Kb
Online submission of statistical declarations in file format 02_online html-File 5 Kb
Instructions for creating and uploading CSV files
Updated 25.4.2013
03_fi_intrastat_csv_en_2013 pdf-File 51 Kb
Excel spreadsheet for CSV file
(copy as spreadsheet model)
04_fi_intrastat_excel_model MS Excel-File 21 Kb
Model of a completed Excel spreadsheet for CSV file 05_fi_intrastat_excel_ilm MS Excel-File 20 Kb
Transmitting data on internal trade by e-mail
Updated 22.7.2014
06_PGPemail_intrastat_en pdf-File 64 Kb
Intrastat ASCII declaration
Updated 25.4.2013
07_description_ascii_records_2013_en pdf-File 73 Kb

Forms 2014

Title / description File
Example of a completed form: Arrivals 2014 01_imports14 pdf-File 51 Kb
Example of a completed form: Dispatches 2014 02_exports14 pdf-File 48 Kb
Example of a completed form: Correction Form (Internet declarants) 2014 03_correction_internet14 pdf-File 52 Kb
Example of a completed form: Correction Form (other declarants) 2014 04_correction14 pdf-File 42 Kb
Correction Form 05_correctionempty pdf-File 581 Kb
The Changes Report Form The_Changes_report_form html-File 7 Kb

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