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Phone-in support for online export customers to start on 28 September 2009

Customs Notice, 22 September 2009

Finnish Customs has set up a phone-in support service for online export declarants. The service will start working on 28 September 2009 and will assist customers on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

The web application of the electronic export system will be taken into use during September-October 2009.The exact date will be announced separately on the Customs website.The electronic lodgement of export declarations will be mandatory as of 1 November 2009.

Phone-in support at +358 20 690 629 for online export customers will assist in online service use

 The phone-in support will assist online export customers primarily in general matters concerning the use of the online service and in the technical completion of online export declarations.Customers can also ask the phone-in support for help in, for example, selecting various codes (procedure, transaction and condition codes as well as additional codes) and in clarifying possible error messages. 

The Customs Information Service at +358 20 690 600 will assist in general matters concerning export procedures, including commodity codes

The Customs Information Service will continue to serve customers also in export matters.Especially with regard to commodity codes, export restrictions and general matters concerning export procedures, we ask customers to primarily contact the Customs Information Service.

EDI consignors

The Electronic Customs Clearance Centre will continue to serve the EDI consignors who send their export declarations to Customs in message format.