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New customs declarations required of shipping companies as of 3 May 2010

Customer notice, 12 February 2010


New electronic customs declarations for arriving and exiting goods will be taken into use in Finland. These declarations are a part of the EU safety and security amendment and Finland’s national process of initiating an electronic customs clearance chain. The parties primarily responsible for submitting declarations are transport companies which can employ agents to submit declarations when necessary. In so-called feeder traffic arriving in or departing from Finland through EU ports, the party responsible for submitting declarations to Finnish Customs is the company responsible for the means of transport or for the transport contract as regards a stretch of journey whose port of destination or departure is in Finland.

New declarations regarding goods onboard departing ships are to be submitted to Finnish Customs as of 3 May 2010. New declarations for goods onboard arriving ships are to be submitted as of 1 January 2011. These declarations are to be submitted electronically into the AREX system of Finnish Customs which was taken into use in December 2009. Finnish Customs recommends that customers start using the new declarations as soon as possible.

With the new declarations, Finnish Customs oversees that goods placed under an export or re-export procedure are presented at the place of exit, that they exit the EU and that a customs declaration containing security data has been provided for them. At the same time, the submitter of the export declaration receives a confirmation of exit. Declarations for arriving ships help to oversee that all goods that arrive in ports undergo customs clearance and to ensure that advance security data have been submitted electronically for goods arriving in the EU. The declarations also enable advance import declarations.

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