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Customs web declarants, please note the following changes caused by a version change of the Customs systems on 27 March 2010

Online declarations in the summary declaration system AREX

Customer notice 15.3.2010

This is a completely new online user interface for customers with KATSO IDs.

  • Via this interface, exit summary declarations (IE615) and declaration amendments (IE613) to them can be submitted

  • Via this interface, export manifest presentations (IE547) and declaration amendments (same number) to them can be submitted

  • Via this interface, exit notifications (IE590) can be submitted

Web export 2.0

New functions after the version change:

  • An entirely new type of notification is introduced:Arrival at exit notification (IE507/ASA)

  • Time of presentation shall be entered only if the declaration is D (complete declaration submitted in advance) or M (Time of acceptance EAGF pre-departure declarations)

  • An unidentified customer no longer sees the field Time of presentation

  • A Web Export declaration shall always be submitted as a one-step declaration, declarations A (complete declaration), D, M or ZPM (monthly periodic local clearance supplementary declaration)

  • Exceptional export date is only used if:

    • An identified customer’s declaration ZPM (monthly periodic local clearance supplementary declaration)

    • An identified or unidentified customer enters the additional statement code FIXEU (submitted retrospectively, entered if the export declaration is submitted retrospectively, when the export goods have already left the Community) in the field Additional information.

  • On the front page, an identified user sees the table with the ten latest messages to the user.The messages can be about the same export.

  • The layout of the screen “Goods item data” has been changed so that the user first enters the commodity code, the procedure code and the national procedure code and then clicks “Search additional data on commodity code”.After this all the restrictions that the user has go through by ticking the appropriate boxes are shown, as well as any supplementary measurement data that the commodity code requires.The user enters only the amount of the supplementary measurement that is a mandatory data element.Other input/selection fields shown in the previous version have been removed from the screen “Goods item data”.

  • A new search criterion, MRN, has been added to the Search screen.

  • Data on the additional documents relating to the item to be cleared can be copied and edited.

  • Data on the additional documents, package data and previous documents relating to the goods item can be edited and copie

On the screen “Transport data” there are new data items that are conditionally mandatory, depending of the occurrence of another data items.These data items have been marked with an asterisk (*):

  • Identifier of inland means of transport

  • Identifier of active means of transport

  • Nationality of active means of transport

Improved features after the version change:

  • An “FE Export refund application” printout is sent to an EAGF exporter to show that Customs has received and accepted the electronic export refund application.

  • In the EAGF declaration (M), the field “Export refund claimant / customer registered at the Finnish Agency for Rural Affairs” has been changed into a mandatory input field.The Agency for Rural Affairs (Mavi) registration number or the export refund claimant, if not same as exporter, must be entered in the field.

  • As for EAGF exports, the loading place has been changed into a mandatory data element.

  • The contents of the drop-down menu “Type of location” have been changed:In the declaration M, the only possible values are the codes L (warehouse identifier) and O (geographical location).

  • Several goods items can now be added to the declaration for customs procedures with economic impact (special procedures).

Web Transit

  • The version change will not cause any changes in the web transit service.

We apologise for any delays in using the service caused by the version change.

More information on questions regarding the procedure is provided by the Customs Information Service, tel. 020 690 600, and on questions regarding electronic declaration by the Web Export Call Center, tel. 020 690 629