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Automatic cancellation of incomplete ELEX exports adopted on 1 December 2012

As of 1 December 2012, the ELEX export system of Finnish Customs will feature a new function which cancels an export declaration which is accepted as received by Customs but not released for an export procedure.

  • An export declaration is cancelled after 15 days in cases where it has been submitted in message format or through an online application with user ID access.

An export declaration is cancelled automatically within 15 days for example when a company has not replied to an error message or to a request for additional information from Customs. A cancellation message and decision is sent to those customers who submit messages and to those who use an online ID.

The new function applies retroactively to all export declarations sent to Customs. As of 1 December 2012, the cancellation decisions that are sent automatically can even concern incomplete exports stored in Customs’ export system that are several years old.  If a company receives an automatic cancellation decision, having nevertheless exported the goods and not submitted any other export declaration to Customs, the company should contact Customs at ptp.vientiseuranta(at) regarding the cancelled export. Customs will agree with the company on a new, subsequent export declaration. If an appropriate export declaration has not been submitted to Customs, a penalty fee can be charged from the customer.

Correspondingly, an online export declaration which is submitted by an unidentified customer and which has not been released for an export procedure will be deleted after 45 days of receipt.

Further information on automatic cancellations is available in our customer bulletins on electronic transactions published on 15 November 2012:

Information for web declarants on changes to Customs user interface
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