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New function added to direct message exchange - message notification service to be introduced

Customer Notice 16 January 2013
Message exchange support

In direct message exchange, data contents are submitted on the initiative of customers. When XML messages and PDF documents compiled with Customs’ data systems are submitted from Customs to a company, the company’s data system retrieves a specific message from Customs’ direct message exchange service using a particular storage ID. The company’s system obtains the storage IDs of messages to be retrieved by requesting a list of the messages from Customs. 

Customs has limited the pace of processing message list requests in order to ensure that the service continues to function well. The service processes a maximum of one message list request per five minutes per customer system connected to the service.

A new function has now been added to direct message exchange, enabling companies to retrieve messages in almost real time. When a company so wishes, it can supplement its own data system with a message notification service defined by Customs. It is a simple WebService-based service maintained by the company, into which Customs can send a message notification for each message awaiting retrieval. The customer’s system retrieves the message based on the storage ID in the message notification.

The implementation of the message notification service requires scheme version 1.8 for direct message exchange and version 1.2 of SOAP.  The company must use the Population Register Centre’s certificate also when using the message notification service and it must include a server authentication role. The company’s certificate must also include a server role. The company should send (amendment) form No. 850s for direct message exchange to Customs and test the new function in cooperation with Customs before implementation. Production can be started once the testing has been approved.

It will still be possible to use direct message exchange in its present format without the message notification service.

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